Twitter Gives Green Light For The Return Of Political Ads To Its Platform

Twitter is allowing for the return of political ads to its platform. The social media giant this week announced how such advertisements that were politically themed and more cause-based were making a comeback to the app, as early as the upcoming few weeks.

Seeing the sudden reversal of this ban on the app is definitely interesting. For those who might not be aware, Twitter set out a major ban on ads of these themes in 2019 and during that period, they opted to effectively block political parties and firms such as PACs from displaying their ads.

It was a necessary step by the app as they felt such ads would encourage candidates and even promote the likes of ballot measures or even go about asking for donations. Now, the firm is working hard to reverse such a policy and highlighted via its safety account on the platform that it would be relaxing these advertising rules.

The ban for such ads in the US is getting reversed because the platform feels they encourage discussions and initiate public conversations and Twitter adores being the gateway for such a realm.

In the recent past, we’ve seen an absolute ban on political ads and those that are more cause-based. They covered important issues like climate change and abortion but were similarly seen getting subjected to the likes of different restrictions.

The latter was barred from getting marketed to certain audiences and even age brackets. For example, the whole idea was seen to raise awareness on issues that were allowed and were rooting for support of laws that weren’t allowed.

This detailed announcement has not gone according to plan regarding ad rules. Instead, the whole idea is to bring the app forward with political ads on television and leading media outlets. For now, it’s just not too clear what such a decision means but it is worth noting how television and markets for broadcast that channel such messages need public airwaves to follow a few rules of the FCC that apps like Twitter might not be answerable to.

In both ways, this decision is guaranteed to work in favor of Twitter and fill up the gaps left behind by the likes of Elon Musk who make purchases via such platforms. This is when big names like GM, Audi, and even General Mills opted to put an end to advertising.

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