Twitter’s Algorithms Should Be Open Source If Musk Wishes It To Be A Public Square, Facebook Whistleblower Claims

Facebook’s leading whistleblower Frances Haugen is making some straightforward claims for Twitter chief Elon Musk.

According to Haugen, the app’s algorithms need a change so that Musk’s promise of the platform is deemed a public square could be fulfilled. This change should be in the form of making all algorithms public, he confirmed.

We’ve seen the company’s chief mention time and time again that he wants the platform to be a digital town square. This is where matters linked to the future of humanity get debated.

Similarly, Haugen was seen talking about Elon Musk’s views via a special edition of NBC News’ Meet The Press. She revealed her thoughts on the way social media is altering today’s political scene. She even mentioned to one journalist that one crucial thing that Musk needs to do to prove he wishes to have a public square is public algorithms. People would relate more to his wishes and transparency would be at an all-time high, which is what people want.

By making it open source, Frances mentioned how he would have more help by his side and it would be cheaper in the price for him too. It would be more profitable as well.

Musk has been very outspoken about such matters in the past and how he bought the app so that he could provide people with more power. He similarly revealed through a memo after sealing the $44 billion deal that he purchased Twitter to help market the idea of dialogue. And he thinks it has been lost with time.

Musk really wishes Twitter could be the most accurate location for information around the globe. Just a few weeks after an acquisition arose, he decreased the number of people that were in charge of the platform and handling things like content moderation.

Haugen has plenty of knowledge on things like this. She has served as an ex-product manager for Facebook’s civic integrity team. In 2021, she turned heads after going public with thousands of leaked sources of internal documents that showcased decisions being made.

She even informed Congress about how such behavior led to further divisions, greater harm, and plenty of lies too.

In a recent interview with NBC News where Haugen arrived spoke about how so many social media firms were opposed to the intervention being made by the government as it may decrease profits significantly by nearly 20%.

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