New Leak Unravels Key Features Of Apple’s Reality AR/VR Headset

Leading iPhone maker Apple may have tried long and hard to keep its reality AR/VR headset under wraps but a new leak is shedding light on interesting details that many do not know.

The innovative device is all set to make an arrival this new year but the tech giant is currently silent on the product. There have been a lot of patents and even leaks that have arisen since then. And they’re providing a confirmation that Apple has really worked hard and done its homework to find the best AR wearable out there today.

The news comes thanks to a recently published report by The Information. This has gone on to provide some important details and data for leakers recently. Moreover, we’re seeing this headset is very light in terms of size. Some of this might be related to the simple fact that its battery is worn around the wearer’s waist as outlined in the new report.

This VR solution also puts forward a unique hot-swap outlook for a battery that makes such battery life so much less annoying. Also, such a product from Apple means the long list of materials like carbon, aluminum, and even glass is not the least bit surprising.

Meanwhile, the product’s field of view is designed to be 120 degrees which would surpass the limits seen on similarly designed VR headsets. There is also a display for high resolution and thin optics are expected.

So many speakers are built inside this headband but for now, the H2 chip is included to give very low latency for connection to the firm’s AirPods Pro 2.

This color passthrough is provided since Apple’s CEO mentioned how much support he has for the likes of AR as a brilliant source of technology of the future. When switching to the likes of mixed reality views, it would reportedly be done by flipping the Digital Crown. This is very similar to controls found on Apple’s smartwatch and even its AirPods Max.

Among such a list of interesting details highlighted in the new leak, there is even a claim that iOS apps would be running in the AR/VR device through 2D views. And if that’s true, this provides instant access to a giant number of applications. It adds more value as developers make apps that are specific to this headset.

From the looks of it, we feel so many apps are going to get built using this software kit of Apple Reality but the very famous and popular Unity Developers is going to also get plenty of support. There are enough apps and that just might provide a little justification as to why the price tag currently stands at $2000 to $3000 for the Apple Reality headset. Remember, this is the first product of its kind by Apple so there is a lot of convincing involved here.

For now, we’re just going to have to wait for the final launch date so until then, stay tuned!

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