Microsoft Will Reportedly Revamp Bing Search Engine That Uses AI Behind ChatGPT To Compete With Google

ChatGPT has really brought forward a new era of technology where AI bots can now rid the need for traditional ways to chat.

Now, it appears that Microsoft is all set to jump on the bandwagon and prepare a launch for this new variant of Bing Search that uses AI-powered technology to answer major search queries. At the moment, it’s Google who is Code Red over this technology but new reports are hinting at Microsoft taking full advantage to answer leading queries linked to search.

This is in accordance with a new report published by The Information. And there are so many works that date back to the likes of a few years ago. During this period, we saw Microsoft mention an investment into the world of OpenAI and that entails agreements to add some major aspects for GPT into this Bing Search.

While we do think Google has all that it needs to counter the likes of this ChatGPT, we need to take some more things into account.

One old version of GPT that’s used for generating query suggestions through automated means is seen when you type. Tech giant Microsoft showed plans getting announced for the integration of this Dall-E 2 into the Image Creator for Bing. And that’s where there are issuances of descriptive forms of text that prompt the likes of AI-generated artwork.

These types of answers involving AI-powered technology may take the form of full sentences that entail information sources instead of taking on the usual Featured Snippets for source quotation. This ends up addressing what you are asking for or providing a list of links.

Bing really does rely on its own personal technology to make the most of its search results as GPT is not meant to scrape the web or provide data that’s real-time like the usual search engine does. But another question is how Bing plans on making sure the data produced is accurate with answers.

If one user ended up asking questions about the likes of World War II and how the French troops did everything to resist it, well, you’re in luck. ChatGPTs may provide great suggestions for any related queries about the regime linked to Vichy France and that explains great relevance to original queries. And that’s true, even if the person forgot to set aside major keywords.

In the same way, GPT may assist Bing to do better things by providing suggestions for keywords that users type to witness answers related to such searches.

A recent report by media outlet The Information says that this might end up launching before the month of March ends. And Bing could be positioned as the sole way to gain access to parts of GPT that are free of cost.

With time, OpenAI does plan on charging ChatGPT and that is going to be one expensive ordeal. But for now, it’s being seen as a great chance as Microsoft is getting described as one that is footing the startup’s cloud bill.

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