TikTok’s Future In The US Isn’t Bright As App Pauses Hiring For US-Based Consultants

The future of the leading social media app TikTok is not appearing too bright.

There have been several bans seen within a number of government-related firms recently. And that coupled with the influence of the CCP over TikTok’s operations isn’t helping either. So as you can tell, the future of this platform appears to be shaky.

Now, a new update is talking about a very unpredictable future of the app as per Reuters. The report has pointed fingers at TikTok for pausing its entire hiring process for a large group of American consultants. This would have assisted in implementing the last few steps linked to a potential agreement of security with the American government.

Right before the Christmas season, it was observed how TikTok was being scrutinized intensely for several years now. This was quite close to it securing final sign-offs on deals that would make sure the ongoing operations were continuing across America. But during this period of time, so many reports proved how TikTok’s parent firm named ByteDance was busy spying on the likes of a few American journalists through TikTok.

This was due to concerns that such journalists were still in talks with staff from TikTok’s parent firm ByteDance. They claimed that they even had access to the likes of sensitive information that was seen commercially.

In addition to that, we saw the likes of a ban on accounts affiliated with the government and that’s spreading across the US amid so many warnings regarding an app that arises from leading security personnel. Now that appears to have shuttered the whole deal and the potential progress it could have had and now, and that holds a major threat for the app when moving in a forward direction.
As a whole, there have been 19 American states that are guilty of partially blocking the TikTok app and its access on various government devices. Meanwhile, a few representatives from the FCC and the FBI were seen to call for complete bans of the platform, thanks to many concerns linked to the Chinese Government interference.

These are reports comprised of alleged spying and they undermine a lot of the app’s many assurances to different American officials. This was seen to have given rise to different significant hesitation among the CFIUS and the White House’s decision-makers. This was to a point where a potential deal could be off the cards.

And the end outcome may be a ban on TikTok in the US which ByteDance would never want, considering there’s a huge market to cater to.

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