Google Makes Mega $23 Million Settlement For Lawsuit Accusing It Of Sharing Data With Third Parties

Search engine giant Google is making a mega $23 million settlement for a lawsuit that accused the company of sharing data.

The case alleged how Google shared data with third parties and while the lawsuit may be awfully old, it could only be resolved through a settlement like that being conducted today. For the past 12 years, Google was believed to be guilty of sharing information linked to search queries that had to do with advertisers and others, without any form of permission or disclosure required.

Moreover, we saw the case go on and mention how users would fall into the trap of clicking on links in Google Search. And that would allow for data linked to such a search to be shared with both the website as well as other advertisers across the board.

This case has further accused the firm of breaching the federal Stored Communications Act. This includes state laws located in California. And now, a new report by Bloomberg has gone on to mention how Google settled the suit for a staggering value of $23 million.

The tech giant worked hard at moving in to settle such a case in the year 2013 but this deal ended up being scrapped away as the other party involved went as far as the Supreme Court to address such kinds of harm required to showcase a potential legal ground through which a lawsuit would be filed.

Critics urged that during that time, if Google had listened and solved the issue, the matter wouldn’t have been blown up to such a massive degree and the amount payable for a settlement would be just $8.5 million, compared to the $23 million seen today.

Google’s new argument against such a lawsuit proved how sharing such terms in this manner was not really a privacy invasion as such data isn’t linked to the person’s real identity.

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