Google’s New Ad Cleverly Urges Apple To Adopt The RCS Standard And Fix Pixelated Images And Videos

Google is calling out tech giant Apple in public to adopt the RCS standard but this time around, it’s doing it in a more clever manner.

The tech giant has rolled out a giant new billboard that urges the iPhone maker to take on the RCS messaging system. The ad came on New Year’s Eve and it’s currently placed in Las Vegas.

This particular ad says that although the ball might have dropped in 2022, the company doesn’t need to drop the ball in terms of fixing pixelated images and videos. It is similarly seen following lines of the RCS code so that Apple can think about getting the ball rolling.

The news comes to us thanks to one TikTok user that goes by the name of Uptin. He shared a video of the advertisement that was displayed across the digital billboard that’s located in Las Vegas’ Harmon Corner.

First time I’ve even seen an ad for android and it’s going all out

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Uptin was seen making notes on TikTok about how nearly 55% of Americans have an iOS device and next in line is Android with a staggering 44% market share across America. It’s a clear message for those that pay heed.

Android is asking Apple through a giant LED display that interoperability through such devices is necessary and it paves the way for great messaging experiences via such platforms.

It’s a pressure campaign starting against the iPhone maker regarding texting matters that are seen between the likes of both Android and iPhone devices. We first saw Google send out a clear message in August of last year to adopt RCS texting via a campaign that comprised ‘get the message’.

The RCS or Rich Communication Services that Google brags about is standard for the industry as compared to the usual SMS or MMS. It’s called out of data and arose during the 1990s as well as the 2000s.

Then in the year 2008, we saw it being chosen as the best replacement for SMS. And today, it’s operating across the internet and not the usual carrier’s bandwidth. This means the RCS is doing a better job at sending out GIFs as well as pictures and video content in high resolution while also allowing for group texts too.

In December last year, Google did carry on with this campaign of its against Apple where it made a happy birthday post that was for SMS and it turned 30 last year.

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