Google Search Makes Minor Tweaks to Make User-Experience More Better in 2023

Google is working on improving user experience as its main motto for 2023. It started by making two minor tweaks. The first one is related to product listings while the second one focuses on article structure.

A new feature has been tested by the tech giant that lets you see the price history of a product. The price history is a part of the price listings user interface. When a user goes onto the price listing section, what they previously saw was the price along with a few other features, as spotted by SaadAK.

What the users would now see is an extra button on the top of that section. When clicked on, a new area showing a graph would be featured. The graph will show the price history for that particular product for the past few months.

For instance, if a shoe’s price dropped significantly in December and then raised again in January, the price history will show it with the help of a graph.

This feature hasn’t been rolled out to everyone yet. We are excited to see this however we’re not sure if everyone does need this. But it would be a good metric to determine the worth of the product we’re looking to buy.

The second feature isn’t for everyone but it is good news for the writers. Google has removed the 110-character limit from the structure of the headlines. Now users wouldn’t be limited to 110 characters only.

This doesn’t mean users are supposed to put up a 300-character title since Google still is displaying a guideline. The guideline says to use a concise title, as long titles may be truncated on some devices.

This is an upgrade from the hard limit set previously. It gives users more flexibility and a chance to let their creative juices flow. What we love is that Google also guides users to use concise topics for the betterment of the search engine as well as their good.

These tiny tweaks might not seem like much, but in the long run, they do have an impact on users. We look forward to seeing similar features to improve user experience.

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