TikTok Accused Of Tracking Journalists To Investigate Internal Leaks In The Company

It appears that TikTok might be gaining positive momentum in one direction and then moving backward in another.

The leading social media firm owned by Chinese parent company ByteDance is now being accused of tracking journalists.

A reporter from The Financial Times was seen speaking about how at least four different workers from the company’s internal audit unit, hailing from both the US and China, ended up taking data of users without them being aware.

They wished to use such data for their own personal gains and in this case, it happens to be linked to an internal investigation related to leaks. As anyone can imagine, the news is not great, to begin with.

It looks like regulators may be keeping an even closer eye on the app now after this report because the firm is already accused of tracking behavior.

It’s interesting how the employees are no longer working in the organization. While one of them resigned, the other three individuals were fired. But that does not mean this report is being brushed away because a crime is a crime and tracking media personnel because they published stories that were deemed critical by TikTok’s parent firm is definitely an eye-opener.

For now, TikTok is staying hush on the matter and has refused to comment.

Another report from the same journalist at The Financial Times spoke about how the team members used their authority for the wrong reasons so they could gain access to user data on TikTok.

It’s interesting how the firm’s CEO did release a separate email delineating how the firm was requested for some to reflect on their actions and how they can stop such incidents from arising in the first place.
As mentioned in a recent statement by the Financial Times, the act or crime of spying is a huge criminal offense and can’t be accepted under any sort of circumstances. Therefore, a new investigation regarding the matter will begin before the media outlet gives out a final judgment on the matter.

During the early part of this month, we saw TikTok mention how it was working hard at shuffling trust and safety personnel as a part of its plan of response from several different states as well as the federal government regarding safety as well as security concerns.

TikTok does seem to be taking the matter seriously and does try to justify the allegations labeled against it by various regulators out there. For instance, in June of this year, the firm was seen creating a team for trust and safety. The goal was to get to the bottom of tracking allegations and those linked to interfering with users’ data and providing details to officials in China, which it blatantly denied.

During that time, the company mentioned how its data security trust and safety team would be working on the likes of compliance and moderation of content. It also hopes to create more global safety policies that oversee the moderation of content around the globe and it wouldn’t be involving the likes of tracking data belonging to American users.

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