Twitter Pulls The Plug On Its Newsletter Platform Revue

Twitter has opted to close all doors leading to the newsletter platform that it acquired in January of 2021.

The company has said the platform had assisted many writers with monetization but it feels the time has come to shut it down, as spotted by Matt Navarra.

Revue integrated newsletters in a direct manner across the Twitter timeline and was also seen competing well against other platforms like Medium and Substack.

But today, the app has sent out a message to all of its writers regarding a declaration for its shutdown, adding that it was not an easy decision by any means. Hence, those writers who are still on the platform have until mid of January to grab a hold of their data before the platform gets deleted.

In other news, Twitter is working hard to bring its promise true of increasing Tweet lengths to 4000 characters instead of the usual 280. It’s a feature that many users had called for for a long time. And now, it’s actually seeming like it could be a reality real soon, as confirmed by new Twitter chief Elon Musk.

The news was first made public thanks to app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi and the billionaire himself. But if you think the new addition would be making up for the losses observed by Revue’s deletion, well, that’s not going to be possible.

Twitter appears to be distancing itself from a line of its own products linked to writing that’s linked to long-form styles. This entails those that came about from its acquisitions.

In case you remember, the company took on board Scroll which was a reading subscription without any ads. This came about in May of 2021. Soon after that, we saw it rolling into a feature for Blue subscriptions. Here, users could be allowed to read articles without any ads interfering with specific news outlets.

However, such subscriptions were not very popular. Hence, Musk was very keen to bid it farewell when he fired his own workforce by thousands. And as a part of the firing spree, we saw Scroll get eliminated too.

It was only yesterday that we witnessed the ex-Twitter founder Jack Dorsey shed light on his dreams and vision of Twitter and how it’s nowhere near what he had imagined. Therefore, he felt leaving was the best decision for him.

Dorsey is the one who founded the newsletter Revue and he is now going about publishing more thoughts in the controversial Twitter Files that entail a long list of threads put out by top journalists in the industry. They were provided with fool-proof access to internal documents of the firm, thanks to Musk.

Some names included the likes of Bari Weiss and Matt Taibbi who are never afraid to speak their minds and unravel the truths as they are. As mentioned by Dorsey today through a personal tweet, he feels that his career as a writer on the newsletter of Twitter is coming to an abrupt end.

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