Twitter Is Bringing Back GIF Profile Pictures And Working On Tweaked Long-Form Tweets Among Other Changes

After taking its users on a whirlwind ride, Twitter is really opting to introduce some interesting changes for its users. And it’s all thanks to social media experts that we’ve got the latest news for you.

For starters, Jane Manchun Wong was quick to notice how the app is working on bringing back the classic GIF profile pictures. We think that would be really interesting for obvious reasons. Remember, some features of the app are still being recalled by users and this just might be one of them.

Next up, the platform is working on its settings for Community Notes. As shown by Wong recently, the feature would be giving users the chance to determine how often they’d like to get notified when a community note requires a reading.

If you happen to be all in and ecstatic about it, well, you can subscribe to get a few alerts on a daily basis. Those who select often would be getting the alerts on a weekly basis, and if you choose sometimes, well, you’ll attain some alerts each month. And then there is a category of never which means you won’t be bothered regarding the matter.

Last but not least, we’ve got some more news on Twitter working on another leading feature that was a long time coming. Alessandro Paluzzi was kind enough to share through his social media account that the platform is working on long-form tweets.

This means the initial 280 out of 4000 characters would be visible for display through the default settings. As the new Twitter Chief Elon Musk mentioned through a specific tweet on the matter, users can soon attach long-form text to their tweets.

This is guaranteed to end the craziness linked to taking notepad screenshots, he added.

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