Elon Musk’s Next Major Move On Twitter Could Have Ads On The Platform Tracking Users

Elon Musk and his spontaneous decision-making abilities have brought forward a number of changes to the Twitter app. While some have been great, others not so much.

But now, another proposed move by the new Twitter Chief could see ads on the platform tracking users, whether they like it or not. And as one would expect, it’s a serious violation of the rules on the App Store by Apple.

New and growing speculations are hinting at the desperate moves that Musk may soon make to try and make more efforts at saving money. And if that means breaking the law to pay out ex-employees of the firm, then so be it.

Many critics are having their say on the news and they feel that regardless, Twitter really isn’t being steered in the right direction, to begin with. Twitter Blue was never fully thought out before its launch and despite seeing a dicey start, it might be making more errors that go on to blindside users.

Musk set out a promise that at $8 a month for the Blue subscriptions, users would get to see half the ads as the average Twitter account holder who uses the app for free. But that might cost the firm $6 in terms of ad revenue getting generated in a week’s time as confirmed through internal estimates. Let’s not forget to take into consideration the fees going out to the Apple App Store and you’ve got yourself a formula that’s making the app lose funds.

So Musk does intend to address the matter by forcing users of the app to say yes to personalized ads if they wish to continue using this app.

We don’t know how such a decision could ever be possible for iPhone users without breaking the policy of the App Store and its respective review guidelines. One clause boldly delineates how apps can’t track down users as it goes against their rights to privacy.

Apps should actually enable users to get the returns of what they are paying for without them performing more tasks in return like putting up posts on social media or uploading contacts. At the same time, they shouldn’t be forced into making check-ins and other similar endeavors like providing ratings or tapping on ads. But most importantly, Apple says they should not have to allow tracking or take on other similar measures to gain access to use functions or see content and other forms of compensation.

And when you come to think of it, Apple is not wrong. So we see this as another move that’s designed to make way for a new battle between Musk and Apple. It’s sad because Musk had just made up with the leading iPhone-making company’s CEO despite accusing the tech giant of pausing ads and being against the thought of the free speech.

Does this mean Musk is willing to do anything and everything to save money? Well, it’s no doubt that money is always on his mind and seeing Twitter in shambles isn’t something that would be pleasing to anyone of his caliber and status.

But breaking the law to reduce costs definitely appears like a lot in our books. As it is, we’re hearing more about Musk putting an end to employees paying bills like rent on offices located around the globe. He also is thinking about shunning severance payouts that he owes to other workers that were recently fired. But leading executives of the firm feel the latter decision might come back to haunt the firm later on.

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