Meta Implemented More Decisions From Its Oversight Board In Q3 Than Q2, New Report Claims

Facebook’s parent company has its own Oversight Board that is used to take on decisions that Meta feels it needs guidance on. And while it’s not necessary to listen to the advice, Meta certainly does value all opinions put forward by the board.

A new report is going on to speak out in detail about how the company really did implement a lot of the decisions put forward by the board in this third quarter.

Statistics prove that more decisions were put into hindsight in Q3 than in Q2, as mentioned by an independent body.

To be more specific, this oversight board ended up getting more than 750,000 appeals through users from apps like Facebook and Instagram. And these were coming from different places around the globe in this quarter.

The panel is known to include some of the best academics, lawyers, and rights experts in the industry. Moreover, Meta highlighted on day one how the board was developed to assist with different types of appeals linked to content moderation. At the same time, it hoped to get advice on matters related to on-site policies.

The policy recommendations weren’t binding. However, Meta did make it a point to give them all a response, and that too within a period of two months.

Meanwhile, this oversight board did highlight how nearly 30% of these recommendations were mostly or even partly implemented thanks to Meta during Q3. This was in comparison to the 21% achieved in the last quarter.

During the start of this month, Meta was seen being given recommendations by the board regarding a revamp to its system. They hoped Meta would eliminate the practice of excluding high-profile users of the app from following its rules and regulations. This meant that many privileged people would gain power and as a result, this would allow for business interests to affect decisions related to content moderation.

In the same way, the company in July was seen taking on advice from the Oversight Board related to matters on how to get right of misinformation and making sure the company is able to provide authentic information to users through its apps. They also hoped to generate general awareness around health conditions like COVID-19 too. So as you can see, Meta really does value its board and its opinions and this report is proof of just that.

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