Jack Dorsey Issues Warning Against Harassment Of Twitter Staff While Admitting Mistakes On The App

Twitter’s founder has recently issued a new warning on the app’s current condition and future prospects as well. He also went on to highlight how Twitter is not meeting any of the goals and standards that were initially set forward.

For starters, Jack Dorsey issued a warning against harassment coming forward against Twitter staff members and called it a dangerous incident.

Dorsey also claims it is definitely time to move on and that’s why he is funding a new system involving internet development that begins with $1 million a year to Signal.

The news was mentioned as a part of a thread on Twitter which did not take much time at all to turn into an entire blog post. The former Twitter founder says the hopes with which he hoped to make the app died back in 2020. This was when the company saw the likes of an investor whom he refused to name but did reveal how that person was an activist. This was also the same moment in time that he planned his exit from the firm as he knew he could no longer lead it in the right mannerism.

Dorsey similarly added how the principles with which the Twitter app should be functioning are nowhere to be seen today nor were they ever seen in the past. He also says that contrary to what other people may believe, there isn’t any ill intent or agendas under disguise. And people did act based on the type of information put forward in front of them.

The news comes as the firm’s former lead for Trust and Safety was seen experiencing great harassment personally and that so serious that he was left with no choice but to leave his own home.

On the other hand, Dorsey has also strongly come forward and gone on to admit how the Twitter app has made some huge mistakes. And if you look at the way it’s currently functioning, the problems are definitely there.

While Musk was nowhere to be seen or mentioned in the post, it was clear which direction he began pointing toward, adding how the app is having some serious problems today.

He even reiterated that he would be putting forward his own voice in the discussion that’s related to the Twitter Files. Musk was seen releasing bits of it in the past week to provide great support for various claims linked to the app’s previous management. He felt they were awfully biased against certain conservatives when it came down to handling content and its usual moderation.

Toward the post’s start, we can see Dorsey speak in detail about the way Musk rolling back on plenty of the app’s previous policies related to content moderation. Seeing him welcome back accounts belonging to profiles like Donald Trump was certainly a rude awakening for many.

But Dorsey remained calm and composed and refused to point fingers at anyone or offer criticism. He personally put an end to such efforts because he felt it was necessary for making ways to push the platform in the right direction. When exactly that would happen, well, time can tell. But we’re all waiting patiently for it to occur.

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