Twitter’s Blue Subscription Disappears From The App After Users Abuse The Feature

A new day means a new type of drama taking center stage in the world of Twitter.

Today, many were appalled to see the Twitter Blue Subscription disappear from the platform. The company says that the decision was taken in light of the great amount of abuse that came forward where impersonators were running at an all-time high.

They also confirmed how the feature is not canceled but has been paused on a temporary basis after seeing users’ responses to the offering’s rollout.

Twitter says top brands and celebs were being impersonated and things were certainly getting a little chaotic. The service was first launched during the earlier part of this week on the iPhone application.

This meant users were allowed to purchase checkmarks that were getting used to showcase accounts as either verified or official. Meanwhile, on Friday, the feature suddenly vanished and there was no such option present that would enable users to sign up for the app’s subscription. Moreover, the rapid suspension of this service is hinting more toward Elon Musk’s massive plans to make more revenue through users is definitely not working.

After the rollout of the paid subscription feature, we saw so many pranksters making imposter accounts on the app. And that is what made the app so much more vulnerable to attacks of misinformation.

People were buying checkmarks at cheap costs and pretending that they were someone else such as a celeb, politician, and more. And the posts or content being put up was certainly unflattering.

A current employee working on the platform mentioned how the firm opted to pull away from the entire verification process, thanks to the spike in impersonators.

One worker currently working in the firm says there was an account that pretended it was the famous pharmaceutical giant called Eli Lilly. And that’s when it caused massive issues when it tweeted that insulin would be up for grabs for free.

This particular post stayed on the app for a while until people found it was time to quickly take it down. Later, they even issued an apology, calling the event unfortunate and misleading for obvious reasons. But before the firm knew it, the price of stocks had fallen massively after this fake post went viral.

The news is a major concern for people like advertisers who see this as a hurdle and hence are now taking drastic steps to pause spending in this regard. On the other hand, some users that did pay for the Twitter Blue service say the blue ticks have mysteriously disappeared.

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