Users Leaving Twitter May Be Trending Worldwide But New Poll Proves Otherwise

After Elon Musk’s abrupt takeover of Twitter, many people saw and heard so many SEOs and marketers take the bold but necessary step of leaving the platform.

But a recent poll that was conducted in this regard proved that users are not ready to leave just yet. Remember, Elon Musk’s mega changes as the firm’s CEO have certainly been abrupt and an eye-opener in this regard.

Moreover, so many reports hinted as to how users were wearier of using the app, now that he’s acquired the company. And then we saw the website losing more than a million accounts ever since Elon Musk took charge.

On that note, a poll was seemingly conducted by the Search Engine Journal. It requested users to give feedback on whether or not they would be coming on board the ‘exit Twitter’ movement. And if that was indeed the case, then where were such individuals going?

So a total of 1,500 users of the app were taken into consideration and these individuals provided responses on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. And the mass response was that most people had zero intention of leaving the platform. Around 40% of those polled on LinkedIn claimed they were going nowhere. On the other hand, another 25% added how they weren’t going to be leaving.

Meanwhile, around 34% of the people polled mentioned that they were making a move to leave or had already done so. But then 25% mentioned that they were not too sure about their overall decision.
A similar poll was seemingly conducted on the Twitter platform. And it proved to bring similar results but the sample size was obviously smaller. We also thought it would be interesting to bring forward a few responses to what people had to say. Their responses were unique and certainly split.

Some revealed how they’re leaving the app and joining the likes of Mastodon and it’s interesting how the platform has really seen a surge in new followers after this recent Twitter shakeup.

Others were enthusiastic about not leaving the app and excited to see what dramatic changes would pull through soon. And then some were worried and cautiously awaiting what the next situation would be and how it would unfold.

Through such responses, we even were shocked to find how a few people had recently taken the decision to join the app while others left it a while back. Some interesting comments left by big names on LinkedIn regarding Twitter were another exciting adventure to witness.

Dave Ferrell predicts most users would stay and he also feels more people are now going to join the digital platform with plenty of growth forecasted in the next couple of years. On the other hand, Bill Gales Jr says the thought of gaining freedom of speech certainly is compelling and forcing him to stay.

Next up, Kristina Martin feels she might be better off on platforms like Mastodon but she’s still not made the final decision to leave Twitter right now. She really wants to see what’s next and how Musk goes about the whole situation with so much at stake. As it is, she’s not too active on it anyways.

Tifiny S says she is still in search of the button that states boldly, left nearly a decade ago. And then you’ve got the likes of Marco P mentioning how there is no reason to leave the app when you’ve got a man in charge that’s stopping people’s voices from being silenced in situations when their opinions don’t fit into a particular narrative.

Roth Eduard revealed how he only made the account at this moment and might have missed all the drama and fun in general.

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