Twitter Rolls Back Gray Checks That Indicate ‘Official’ Accounts (Update: Gone Again)

The last time we heard, Twitter was going against its own code by breaking the app’s verification system and introducing blue checks.

This was a clear signal that the account set out information regarding the owner’s identity. It was all up for grabs in terms of purchase. Now, we are hearing more about how there is a final solution to the matter and it involves going back to the drawing board with gray checks. This is a signal that an account is official.

It’s very interesting for tech analysts to see this news because after all that impersonation, unsafe behavior, and hoaxing from newly bought blue ticks, we’re (after a short good bye) now saying hello again to the official grey checks!

Top brands have all returned to the idea and that’s why we’re seeing names like Coca-Cola, Wired, and more get back to the same old drawing board. During the early hours of the morning, the new Twitter CEO added how there was too much corruption going on in terms of legacy Blue ticks for verification.

He then detailed how they were all unpaid and very unlike what we’ve seen causing mayhem by copying brands like Nintendo and Tesla. Remember, every blue tick would cost a user $8 as you’re on board with the Blue Subscription.

Moreover, Musk feels such an initiative would be a wonderful leveler when he got away with the likes of gray checks getting removed. Gray checks are back in business whether users like it or not and there would also now be a greater focus on things like government and commercial entities that would first be receiving this instead of other individuals.

As Twitter says, expect the unexpected during such unprecedented times like these.

Update: We checked some of the top influential accounts and were not able to find the Official tag both on desktop and mobile devices.

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