Instagram and TikTok seem to have locked horns for the attention of GenZ, Report reveals

GenZ, who in the world is known more iconically for their social media obsession and usage of platforms, and who knows it better than Instagram and TikTok who themselves are both favorites of the generation. The former is one of the most used socializing apps and is loved by the younger generation because it allows you to do everything. You can post temporary life updates in the form of stories, you can post permanent pictures unless you delete them, videos can also be shared and you can also talk to your friends while keeping up with their profiles. TikTok however, does not enable you to share photos and everything you post on the app is permanent unless you delete it yourself.

Piper Sandler conducted a survey based on this very topic called Taking Stock With Teens. In the survey, they talked to 14,500 teens with American nationalities.

The report found that Instagram which has been declared GenZ’s favorite app is now in danger of being overtaken by TikTok which has recently started to catch up with the social media giant and is giving it huge competition for the attention of the younger generation according to social media consultant Matt Navarra. Instagram has long since been associated with the generation and if TikTok claims that Mantle we will see what their support does for the app.

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