Twitter Could Soon Be Reinstating All Banned Accounts Thanks To Elon Musk

It has just been days since we saw former US President Donald Trump and rapper Kanye West return to Twitter after Elon Musk’s striking call.

The news was truly shocking for some because these were suspended accounts that went against the app’s policy. And to have it all reinstated so soon when Musk had called for moderation councils to be set up really had people wondering what was going on.

Recently, the billionaire claimed that he had thrown the moderation council idea out the window and it was now only being perceived as a myth. At the same time, he just put a new poll where he asked users' thoughts on allowing the app’s most suspended accounts to enter back on the page.

Remember, the last time a poll was generated, we had the likes of Musk come forward and reinstate Trump’s account based on the results he received. Now, we just might be seeing more accounts get reinstated by the masses.

The poll came with the words of general amnesty getting granted to different accounts that were suspended. He did mention that he was going to make sure such accounts didn’t break the law or were found of conducting serious spam. Users are being given just 24 hours to decide on where they feel their vote will go and by now, the option for yes is gaining the lead by a huge margin.

Musk binning the idea of a moderation council being set up means he is ready to make such drastic decision-making that is mostly based on what he thinks or feels is right. It’s also quite hard now to understand that huge changes are coming back, despite being so particular about policies and moderation in the past.

Did we mention how Twitter’s leading product is actually linked to content moderation? Yet, the picture being shown now is far from just that.

Right now, we’re seeing negative tweets become invisible until and unless people wish to seek them out. Musk is rolling on that very principle but he does still need moderators to provide proper input and report the accounts in a decent manner.

For now, the app’s trust and safety management teams are getting slammed by huge firing sprees and with so many members of the workforce exiting the door, it’s turning into a chaotic situation.

Let’s not forget how the advertising revenue has declined and with Musk trying to lean more on Twitter’s Blue subscription, it’s a tough journey ahead.

The verification feature instilled had been abused so badly that there was a point that came where we assumed the end is very near.

Musk does have a lot of rules in place and he says he is sure that certain accounts would never be allowed back. But how exactly these polls are going to work is a question on people’s minds.

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