Elon Musk Hires Famous Security Hacker To Fix Twitter’s Search Feature

As the old saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures.

And now, the latest update on the Twitter company is Elon Musk’s recent hiring of renowned security hacker and iPhone jailbreaker George Hotz.

The task allotted by Musk is to fix the broken search feature within a span of just 12 weeks. And while that might appear impossible to any normal individual, we’re talking about the industry’s best over here.

Hotz was very young when he got his fame at the age of 17. At that time, he became the world’s first person to eliminate the jail feature on iPhones. But right after that, we saw him undergo the process of reverse engineering and come up with his own AI startup. This had to do with the world of automated technology and machine learning.

But remember how fixing the Twitter search feature is one of the biggest problems that he has gone on to face in recent times. But we feel nothing is impossible until you try and there is a lot of hope riding on him to do the right thing.

The new challenge set out to him by Twitter means his internship begins today and exactly 12 weeks from today, the task needs to be done. George Holtz was last heard mentioning how he would be doing everything in his power to make sure things go right.

But at the same time, he does also admit that getting rid of that login pop-up itself is a challenge and he’s willing to get done. This usually comes forward while scrolling the app without anyone getting logged in.

Hotz made a name for himself on the app after setting out support for Elon Musk’s very hardcore request for fellow workers. And what he is now getting in return is a golden chance with plenty of benefits along the way too.

It’s no doubt that Elon Musk likes his attitude in general and the type of individual he is with the offer at stake. Soon, we’ll have the results right in front of us. And we won’t lie, we’re just as excited as the rest of Twitter may be to see if he can come out on top.

So mark your calendar dates for February end of next year as that’s when the deadline looms.

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