Elon Musk Surprises World By Hiring Fake Twitter Quitter Who Claimed He Was An Engineer

Elon Musk is known for making some surprising decisions and recently, we saw the billionaire go as far as hiring a fake Twitter quitter.

For those in search of the background story, well, Musk adopted the liking of two different men who managed to fool various members belonging to the press with claims into believing they were actually engineers on Twitter that had been fired. But now, one of them is even working under Musk in his firm.

The man is named Daniel Francis and it wouldn’t be wrong to mention that he is now an integral member of the workforce and capable of duties on Slack channels. As mentioned in pictures by Insider, Francis was observed pretending like he had been fired and did succeed in making the press a fool.

The duo posed as if they were in a dire position and had nowhere to turn to after getting laid off. So much so that media outlet began to believe them. But that was far from the reality of the situation.

We saw Francis alter his name across various interviews to try and gain sympathy without ever being caught. He wished to walk out from Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco and now, he is reigning supreme at Musk’s firm.

Now, new reports are shocking so many people because we are speaking about a man who never worked on the platform. For now, we know the position is temporary as he is working as a software developer. But who knows, it could really turn into something big very soon.

The hoax ended up launching a major debate regarding whether or not Elon Musk started such layoffs and when they would be expected. It really kicked off some chaos and then after a few weeks, under Musk’s leadership, we saw firings begin to take center stage.

Today, the workforce of Twitter stands at just 3,500 and this coupled with mass resignations has made the figure 2,300.

So Musk did end up embracing this hoax and he invited the duo back to the firm last week. There were plenty of images that came along with it showing both men at the office where Musk was spending so much of his time.

Francis spoke a lot about how much he admired the app and within no time, Musk gave him a job on that basis. He even captioned an image that featured the two men and how excited Musk was to welcome them back, admitting that he was in the wrong to fire them.

The whole scenario is a little funny and amusing if you ask us, while critics are finding it hard to believe. But when you’ve got a billionaire like Elon Musk involved, you can expect the unexpected, that’s for sure.

Whether or not that was the right move on Musk’s part, well, only time can tell but we do think it’s a very funny decision.

Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images for Heidi Klum

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