Elon Musk Begins Reinstating Banned Twitter Accounts And Confirms He’s Not Worried About Staff Quitting (Update: Trump’s ban ended)

Amid a widespread wave of resignations, billionaire Elon Musk has reportedly begun reinstating banned Twitter accounts.

These are those accounts that had been subjected to a lifetime ban. Hence, taking this decision is definitely proof of how he wishes to embark on a much lighter moderation through this app.

As revealed on Friday, those accounts affected belonged to names like celeb Kathy Griffin and even Jordan Peterson. And now, it’s believed that some of these accounts were actually facing a ban for misgendering others. For instance, we had Peterson send out controversial tweets mentioning how he would die then delete his statements about Elliot Page.

As far as comedian Kathy Griffin is concerned, well, she was banned 11 days back for impersonation of Musk himself and that was related to the upcoming midterm elections. During that time, Musk reassured others that the comedian would be welcomed back soon, provided she paid the $8 fee for Twitter’s Blue Subscription.

For now, it’s not too clear if more accounts would be reinstated and when they would be reinstated.

Update: After a poll shared by Elon Musk on November 19th, in which over 15 million users participated of which 51.8% polled that former President Trump should be reinstated, the Twitter's new head said that "Trump will be reinstated." DIW checked Donald John Trump's Twitter account and we can confirm that it's back to normal now.

All of this news coming out from Twitter has made us realize one important aspect. It’s very conflicting what Musk says and what he does. At first, he mentioned that content moderation councils would be made and it’s going to be widely diverse. He also said that their decision would be the final decision. But now, he’s automatically getting accounts reinstated. Today, he failed to mention which council was seeing the decisions.

The news is coming out at a time when we’re viewing Twitter enter into a major crisis. Thousand of workers were initially fired and now thousands are choosing to resign. And the way things are taking place, we’re seeing the workforce go down by half.

Some of the departures have been major. And that is what has led to a major chaos in the firm. Yesterday, Musk sent out an email to all staff members about how the office would be shut for all software engineers. And those writing it needed to report to the 10th floor.

On the other hand, we saw Elon Musk mention boldly how he wasn’t worried about people leaving the organization. He reassured the world that he’s got the best team by his side and only the best have been selected to serve.

When people asked Elon Musk on the Twitter platform what exactly the matter was and why so many employees were resigning in masses, he replied with how he was not super worried. Instead, he claims that only the best are supposed to stay and that’s what’s happening now.

On Wednesday, the world’s richest man issued an ultimatum for workers to either stay or resign and it’s interesting to see how many are choosing the latter when compared to the former.

Photo: @Elonmusk

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