Google May Have Avoided Mass Layoffs But It Appears Its Time Is Near

Firing sprees in the tech world have become a norm in recent times. We saw the likes of Twitter take the lead thanks to Elon Musk’s irrational decisions. This was closely followed up by huge names like Meta, Amazon, Snapchat, and even HP.

But one name that we didn’t see emerge was Google but workers fear they may not be far behind in terms of the chopping block.

So far, the search engine giant may have avoided it and there was no news about huge job cuts taking center stage but now, the recent decline in the advertising market means Google is not far behind in this regard.

There is definitely a lot of anxiety that comes with such decisions and documents looked upon by CNBC say employees are fearing for the worst in terms of their position.

Google’s parent firm Alphabet has a top line of executives that continue to stress the great need to enhance focus while bringing down the price of projects and working to enhance the company further by a staggering 20%.

Similarly, there has even been this massive change in terms of performance and some workers are pointing toward a decline in travel and there’s less swag in terms of signs that prove something is huge and is next on the horizon.

In July, we heard about Alphabet's CEO launching a Simplicity Sprint to enhance the efficiency of various economic environments, just a few miles down the road.

Speaking to employees this past month, there is news about 13% of the staff getting fired, and with nearly 11,000 workers exiting the door, the firm feels that this might have a lot to do with the fall in revenue for advertising.

Snap announced that there was a 20% cut in the month of August and then we had Twitter reduced half of its workers under Musk’s leadership. Then HP mentioned a reduction in the workforce too by several thousand as the demand for products like laptops and PCs was at an all-time low.

But we must acknowledge how Google’s business is yet to take any massive hit like the rest, despite so much economic recession and uncertainty on the rise. Last month, we did witness how the revenue for YouTube’s advertising fell from the previous year as the company produced a very poor performance of growth, equivalent to the likes of 2013. Hence, this was the point we saw Google mention that reducing the headcount might be their next move in Q4 of this year.

On the other hand, there is news about a huge dent being added to Google’s results thanks to the crypto market. And this accompanied by a massive collapse in the crypto exchange of FTX has caused a mega concern in that particular industry contagion.

Google has already mentioned a few cuts have arisen and that’s why more coming soon won’t be a huge surprise.

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