Top Civil Rights Groups Claim Elon Musk Should Blame Himself For Twitter’s Poor Advertising Revenue

Leading civil rights groups say Elon Musk is to blame for the poor state of Twitter’s affairs.

Only days ago we saw the billionaire lash out at the groups for breaking an agreement that he made with them in regard to advertising. And now, he feels they are starving the app of funds which it relies 90% on for revenues and profits.

In Musk’s tweet, he claims that a huge coalition of activists did agree on one thing and that was trying not to kill the platform. But they deny breaking any such terms and say he is the one who should be pointing fingers at himself for the sorry state of affairs.

Experts predict the most troubled times for Twitter while Musk himself warned that bankruptcy could be on the cards soon. Moreover, other promises that he failed to keep were linked to his content moderation council. He hoped they would be the ones intervening someday.

And if that drama was not enough, Musk opted to put up a poll and ask what others would think about former US President Donald Trump’s account getting reinstated.

The social activist groups explained in the year 2021 how Twitter’s leadership was fearing Trump’s comments on the app and how it would one day lead to violence because he misled people into thinking the election campaign was rigged.

Now, during the start of November, we saw some leading civil rights groups urge advertisers to put an end to advertising on the app right after a spike arose in the world of hate speech on the platform. After laying off thousands of workers, they went on with a move that they feared would affect the firm’s ability to control how much hate and spiteful content there was on the app.

Meanwhile, the CEO of the National Association for Advancement of Colored People mentioned to Musk how so many civil rights groups wouldn’t end up making such deals as democracy does come first.
While the decisions coming forward from Twitter are definitely an eye-opener, civil rights groups say that no one would ever intentionally break an agreement with an app unless there was some sort of major threat to the country’s democracy.

Speaking to CNBC, other groups have come forward and stated that they’ve never held any sort of agreement with Musk. They additionally claim that Musk is losing out on advertisers since he has acted in a very irresponsible way by removing content moderation councils that would work to keep a brand safe. This makes advertisers feel threatened as does the thought of banned accounts getting reinstated like Kanye West and Donald Trump.

They feel the time has come that Musk takes some sort of accountability for his own actions instead of dumping the blame on others.

On the other hand, critics feel Elon Musk is a very creative person and he needs to take leadership in places where the app is dwindling. One such place would be advertising and working more towards making businesses feel safe to work.

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