Microsoft Gives Its Latest Data on Hacks And Tells People the Importance of changing Their login information quickly

Password hacks are getting quite common and according to the statistics, 921 passwords get hacked every second of the day. According to Microsoft Digital Defence Report, password hacking has increased by 74% in 2022 as compared to last year. Microsoft and other big technologies are working on making their security system strong so their users can have a safe experience on the platform. The future doesn't look too good if all the information is getting constantly hacked by different hackers.

Many people can use face recognition and thumb prints to use different Microsoft but a lot of people still rely on passwords because they are easy to use. As long as passwords are being used, the information of people is at risk. To be safe from hacks, it is best if you use different usernames and passwords for different accounts. When you use the same usernames and passwords, it is easy for hackers to hack all of your accounts. A Microsoft report of 39 million IoT and OT devices showed that 20% of people use the same login information. If you are in that 20%, you should immediately take action and change your login information as soon as possible. You can start by changing usernames and passwords on email, financial, health care, and social media sites. These all are at a bigger risk of hacking. It is hard to change every single password on every single site, so you should start working on the most important ones.

Now that you have changed the passwords, security professionals recommend using a password manager like 1Password or KeePass to manage your passwords. All you will need to do is remember one password and all your other passwords will be saved in encrypted form on these apps. You can also use these apps to generate strong passwords. These password managers will do a good job of securing your passwords so you can use them efficiently.

While thinking about passwords, you should make sure to choose the random ones which cannot be easily tracked. Use two to three random words in a password. Using a singular word with the capital first letter will be cracked in milliseconds. So make sure to generate a password as tricky as possible. Enabling multi-factor authentication is a must too. Multi-Factor Authentication only lets a person use an account if they have verified information three times. This makes criminals and hackers stay away from your account. Google Authenticator works best for it.

According to the Identity Theft Record Centre, most people get their passwords hacked because they share them with someone they think is a friend or customer. Some also click on phishing links that ask them for their personal information and that's how hackers get the passwords. Never share your password with anyone, be it a friend or someone claiming to be from a bank.

If Apple or Microsoft is contacting you from an unknown number and asking you for your personal information, that's probably not them. Most of these hackers know your computer is having an issue and ask for your personal information so they can 'fix' it. Renowned companies never randomly contact their users for this. By keeping all these points in view, you can prevent your password from getting hacked.

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