Top Platforms Are Hiring Former Twitter Employees Who Were Fired By Elon Musk

If there is one story that could receive an award for being the most dramatic one of them all, then we bet the answer would be the ongoing Twitter saga.

Elon Musk has really caused a shakeup that most people didn’t see coming. Ever since he acquired Twitter, Musk made a number of changes to the newly bought platform. And that includes adding a verified Blue Tick worth just $8.

But the biggest shock of them all came when he made the bold decision to fire leading executives and even reduce his workforce by half. Whether that was the right decision or not, well, only time can tell.

Today, we’re hearing more speculations about how the company may be in shambles and Musk is finding it hard to cope with so much going on. The criticism from both users and those waiting for the app to crumble is just a lot of pressure.

Now, top platforms are even going as far as making a slap-in-the-face decision of hiring former Twitter workers Musk personally fired. And in a world like today that’s so cut-throat, this can be a huge blow to Twitter.

But the question is are we all really surprised because firms like Hubspot and CoderPad are sending invites to all such workers to come forward and join their firm?

The news comes at a time when Twitter is being sued for firing 3700 people without any form of warning. Instead, they are required to at least give a two-month heads up.

Not only is such news shocking for many to handle but these sorts of layoffs end up ruining the app’s reputation by miles.

Meanwhile, a statement was issued by the CEO of Coderpad who says that she was shocked at the terrifying working conditions for employees at Twitter. She even went on to explain that it would be a very frustrating ordeal and super demotivating too. Therefore, she reassured me that anyone willing would be welcome to join her company where great value is given to the workforce as the goal is to function as a team and nothing less.

Then on LinkedIn, we saw another statement released by the CEO of Calix. He mentioned that it was shocking to see Twitter enter into a period of mass destruction where people no longer wanted to use the app or work with the firm.


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