Twitter’s Charity Partners Threaten To End Their Working Relationship With The App

In the past few weeks, we saw billionaire Elon Musk acquire the Twitter app for a staggering $44 billion. And with that came a series of changes including some major policy shifts.

From major shakeups in the workforce to reinstating some controversial accounts back on the platform too, the list of dramatic turns was endless.

The most recent decision to welcome back former US president Donald Trump is another point worth a mention. Many experts feel it’s not only risky but very inconsistent and so dangerous.

There were a lot of concerns raised too about rapper Kanye West being reinstated as this caused the app’s advertising partners to take one step backward while the world expressed great concern on the matter and predicted disaster for the future.

For now, Twitter is avoiding such questions as the company is itself confused about what its next move would be. They claim that things are going as planned and while some decisions may work, others not so much and they’re ok with that.

But the manner in which we’re seeing Elon Musk’s own statements conflict with another and how he vowed to not have accounts reinstated without discussion with the new moderation council really makes one wonder what is going on.

The new Twitter chief simply conducted a poll and asked users whether they felt Trump deserved a second chance or not. And you’ll be shocked to learn that since the majority felt he should return, he was allowed back. Whether or not the country’s former commander-in-chief would be using it is another story altogether but many couldn’t believe what was going on and what sort of policies are in place.

Now the problem lies with how so many individuals claim they’ve heard and seen enough and partners of Twitter are calling for a boycott and are even threatening to break ties. They feel advertisers need to stop supporting such a platform as that would really cause a major dent in its operations as 90% of its revenue is generated through such means.

As it is, so many advertisers and firms have taken a step back due to the great uncertainty attached here. They feel Musk is not a great influence on the company and his recent decisions reflect that.

Others are closely monitoring the whole endeavor carefully and they feel a lot of hate and disinformation is arising at a faster pace than usual.


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