Elon Musk Is Gearing Up For New Changes On Twitter Including Rebooting Vine And Renaming Super Fellows As Subscriptions

By now, we bet you’re very well aware of the fact that Elon Musk has taken over Twitter with a bang and is very keen on revamping the entire platform.

We’ve seen him reduce the workforce with many more surprises in store. But the latest news surrounds a few new and exciting features that could arise as early as this month’s end.

Let’s start off with a recent survey conducted by the billionaire. He was recently seen using a poll to ask followers on the platform what they felt about him bringing back Vine on the app. For those who aren’t familiar, this is another name for a precursor of the TikTok app. It was huge then but then in 2016, Twitter decided to call it quits and gave up on it.

The post that was recently posted during the later hours of Sunday night saw the billionaire question his fans about what they felt about the move. Should it be revived or not? And so far, the response has been great. There are millions of votes coming in and around 70% of the people that gave responses claim they wish to have the app come back.

Even the man with the most followers on the YouTube app, Mr. Beast gave his input and called out Musk over the move. He said that if he expected to actually do it and allow it to compete against the likes of TikTok, well, it would be one hilarious situation.

On that note, Musk further asked what could really be done to make it compete against the likes of TikTok. To that, he answered how videos should remain on the TikTok app because that’s the place to be.

Vine used to allow users to add six-second long videos in the short form format. But it didn’t take long for Twitter to buy out the firm and it further attracted a staggering 200 million users. With time, it struggled and Twitter shut it down completely. The competition was just too tough. You have videos on apps like Snap, Instagram, and Facebook and teenage users were very picky and choosy about it all.

So this seems to be the latest strategy of the billionaire who is trying to really make the effort to turn Twitter into a more profitable ordeal. It has already managed to secure a staggering $44 billion to purchase the firm. That reportedly suffered $493 million of mega losses in 2021. And with long-term goals to turn it into a super app in full swing, we have an idea of where this may be going.
So when can we expect to see the changes arise? Well, Vine may be rebooted and come forward before the year’s end. Yes, insider reports published by media outlet Axios claim that multiple sources have confirmed that Elon Musk has already provided directives to engineers to begin working on the project as soon as possible without delay.

The goal is to complete it soon but another source who spoke to Axios says that the decision requires a lot of work and that’s why it’s a struggle and a race against time.

Another change that we can soon be expecting to drop anytime is Twitter renaming its Super Fellows offering as Subscriptions. This would be another paid subscription for the platform’s most engaged followers.

The news comes to us thanks to social media researcher Alessandro Paluzzi who went public through his Twitter status to shed light on the matter. We’ll keep you updated as to when that occurs.

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