Elon Musk Goes Right To Work On First Day As Twitter’s Chief By Quietly Changing The App’s Homepage

It’s been less than a day since the news broke out about Elon Musk taking control of Twitter. But this billionaire means business and he has already decided to alter the platform’s homepage, as reported by TheVerge.

The Twitter Chief was seen issuing a new request for logged-out users on the app about how they needed to be redirected to a new page on Explore that displays all trending happenings like Tweets, stories, and more. These facts were detailed by employees that are familiar in regards to the matter.

In the past, any logged-out user visiting the website would show a signup form that promoted account creation so users could better view Tweets.

The instructions put out by Musk on Friday encouraged the likes of VP involvement that would override measures like code freeze that stopped staffers from making amendments while the process of acquisition occurred.

For now, Elon Musk is yet to shed light on details as to why the change is taking place as a few employees have observed it so far. But it’s quite clear what message was being rolled out and that’s related to how there’s no room for sacred crows anymore.

If this was the old Twitter, decisions like this would be argued over with various teams for a while now. However, this is the new world of Twitter and Musk wants everyone to know that.

So three days into his reign and Twitter’s homepage is getting changed already. So he wants changes and he wants them quick. And while he may be starting his plans for planned layoffs and creating new oversight boards to better the entire content moderation policy, one thing is for sure. He knows the direction he wants to head in.

While he wants to lay off a huge portion of employees in the next few days, the changes are being fast-tracked to the app. There is some major news about Twitter now forcing subscribers to pay a subscription fee called Super Follows and which would now be labeled as Subscriptions.

Then there are some plans to utilize Starlink which is the billionaire’s internet service at the company SpaceX. This would allow the app to be easily accessible in nations that are having trouble accessing the platform.

Those members of the Twitter workforce that were given the task of working with Musk are now being forced to go home late and sacrifice weekends to make a list comprising team members that need to be fired.

The whole reason is to prevent the firm from paying out millions in stock which would be given to them. Hence, that’s why Musk has fired the executives for the cause.

Some major layoffs are predicted to occur before the first of November and there’s a huge percentage of people who are expected to get stock grants. While Musk fails to acknowledge all of this news regarding firing employees, it is definitely a thing people are preparing for.

For help, Musk is placing great reliance on his personal inner circle. He feels who better to make him understand than them. We just hope he makes the right decision because getting rid of top executives in a firm like this can be risky.

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