Elon Musk Boosts Price For Twitter’s Blue Subscription And Makes It Compulsory For Verified Users

Elon Musk is now in charge of the leading digital platform Twitter and he’s making sure the world knows that he means serious business.

The Tesla CEO mentioned how the app is making plans to boost prices for its Blue Subscription, which means taking it up from $5 to $20 each month. He’s also thinking to make it a compulsory feature for all verified users.

And just in case that wasn’t a big shocker, well, employees reportedly have just one week to get on the bandwagon and make the change. If not, they risk being fired!

The news comes thanks to media outlet The Verge which claimed that if and when the plan launches, verified users will need to sign up for the service within just three months or they may risk losing that perk of having a blue check next to their name.

So as you can see, there are a lot of things worth considering here. Twitter was seen launching the famous Blue Subscription offer during the latter part of last year in the US. At that time, it was for $3 a month. Shortly after that, we saw the prices get boosted to $5 in the month of July.

It was known to include things such as leading articles, the famous and much-hyped Edit Button, and also customized icons too, For now, the platform is yet to reveal how many total subscribers he has, the revenue encountered, and any other details linked to the Blue Subscription. As a whole, most of the revenue was seen to arise from things like advertising.

The latest move by the billionaire was telegraphed yesterday and he was seen sending tweets about the entire verification process and how it was undergoing a total change.

For now, we know that the app has at least 428,000 accounts that have blue check marks. This is a fraction of those seen on the site comprising more than 206 million daily active users.

A lot of people went about tweeting this change and the thought of paying $20 to move on with this verified status was just not something they were keen on. But some are seeing this as an optimistic change. They feel it can really increase Twitter’s bot and spam issues that Musk isn’t loving.

As tweeted by a renowned cosmologist named Katie Mack, the whole purpose of Twitter verification is to ensure that a statement is actually being put up by the user and not anyone else. It’s like an integral step in to fight against disinformation and isn’t a single status symbol.

We have seen Elon Musk being busy as Twitter’s new chief and the wide number of layoffs he’s ordering as confirmed by The New York Times is definitely not being loved by all. Meanwhile, on Saturday, we saw the famous Tesla CEO also reveal to managers that they’re being given a task to list all those employees that would soon be cut.

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