Elon Musk Has Finally Purchased Twitter And Goes Straight To Work By Firing Its CEO

The world’s richest individual is now the owner of the leading digital platform Twitter. But he’s not wasting any time in terms of getting the app to where he wants it to be. And if that means firing the firm’s CEO on the spot, then so be it.

Musk says he wants the platform to be an area that’s welcome to all and where users can speak their minds without ever worrying about the consequences of doing just that. As it is, a lot of questions have been raised about what other mega changes he intends on doing as employees fear for their jobs amid speculations of more layoffs.

The news of the mega $44 billion acquisition has finally taken place during the later hours of Thursday. And with this completion comes some mega changes. So we know by now that there are not going to be any legal proceedings but we’ll get back to you on that.

The biggest headline and the most shocking one was related to firing the firm’s top members heading the organization including CEO Parag Agrawal. The latter has been forced to undergo plenty of trolling and mocking thanks to the billionaire himself over how many real accounts are on the app and how many are fake or spam.

Other than the CEO’s exit came another striking decision where the company’s top head of legal, trust, and policy was also shown the door. His name was Vijaya Gadde and was seen as the CEO’s right hand. Did we mention how he was a leading executive who created the hype to ban former US president Donald Trump? Clearly, these are some very interesting decisions if we must say so ourselves.

Musk did previously highlight how one of his first roles after coming into power would be to reverse the ban put on Trump and also alter the platform’s content moderation policy after he took over. Other layoffs included the app’s CFO Neg Segal and Sean Edgett as reported by The Post today. For now, Twitter is yet to confirm the news or even add any comments on the matter.

As you can imagine, this is a major shakeup in the world of executives and clearly, a huge change in Twitter as so many questions are being raised in terms of who might end up leading the organization. After all, the goal for Musk is to make freedom of speech Twitter’s biggest strength and for that, he really needs to think things through. Musk has also spoken about how he wished to turn the platform into a super app as well where you can text and carry out your online payments simultaneously.

Debates being discussed in a healthy manner was another point Musk hoped to bring to Twitter so as you can see, the aspirations of the billionaire are plenty. The real question is how he intends on bringing so much change so abruptly and how successful he will be at achieving those targets. Well, only time can tell for now.

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