Trouble For Twitter As Hacker Seen Exploiting The App’s Plans To Charge Users For Verified Blue Ticks

A new phishing campaign is on the rise just a day after Twitter announced its plans to charge blue subscribers a higher fee for their subscriptions. The jump from $5 to $20 was seen and Musk mentioned how he would be keen on turning it into an important component to enable verified blue ticks.

But the hacker’s plans are the exact opposite as he tries to oppose the move and is making way to lure users through phishing emails. The news comes thanks to reports from both NBC and Tech Crunch who highlighted the dangerous plans in store.

There was plenty of proof of how so many phishing emails were recently received and they all pretended of coming from the likes of the app. Moreover, they also spoke about gaining personal details if users wished to keep that blue tick on their accounts up and running. So as you can see, the whole move was designed to trick people.

The malicious-themed email also comes with a detailed line in the subject that comprises, ‘don’t lose your free verified status’. And that in itself is enough to make people understand that they may be losing out if they don’t respond.

There are more shocking features and traits seen in the email. And that includes the likes of paying $20 a month if they wish to keep the status. It also gives examples of big names who have already paid to verify their accounts and if you weren’t aware of the news, you’d probably fall into the trap, explained experts.

The deadline being outlined was November 2 if users wished to have their blue checks in place while the Twitter platform is yet to announce anything of the sort. So as you can see, this method is trying hard to create urgency regarding the whole situation.

The email comes with a heading button for Twitter users called Provide Information and that in itself signals major alarm bells. But the biggest factor that calls it out as being fake is the email through which it was sent.

This was not the official one belonging to Twitter’s domain but one linked to Gmail. So once you do click on that button, you’re led to the Google Doc page that proves how fake it really is.

Users are asked to punch in their usernames and also plug in passwords and phone numbers. This just provides the hacker the perfect chance to break into their accounts.

But those who are tech-savvy can immediately notice how this wouldn’t ever come from any app, let alone Twitter. It has all of the red flags linked to fooling and scaring people about losing out on their verified status. You’ll be shocked to learn how there are so many people out there that are actually happy to pay out the money to have their blue checkmark intact. But they’ve got zero ideas of how they’re being a fool along the way.

H/T: Kevin Collier

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