Elon Musk Hopes To Roll Out Breakthrough Changes On Twitter And Here’s What Users Can Expect

Elon Musk has explained to Twitter’s employees how the firm will not be releasing its controversial paid verification feature unless it’s confident that impersonations of accounts are under control.

The app has been in the line of fire after rolling out a new version of Twitter Blue with verification for just $8 and that came alongside so many impersonations.

Last week, the Blue Subscription was stated to be relaunched by the end of this month but now, there has been a major U-turn in this ordeal as Musk himself is not too sure when and if it’s going to happen.

The billionaire revealed how users’ security on the app was a top concern and with impersonations taking center stage, it was really turning into a huge concern for obvious reasons. And let’s not forget how so many internal warnings were announced by the company’s own security staff beforehand.

Yet, Musk chose to ignore them all and do something that has put the platform in a dangerous position that no CEO would ever want to be in. Moreover, we’re seeing Twitter’s advertisers take a step back from associating themselves with the app too. For now, it’s not too clear how Musk plans on keeping a check on impersonations.

On the other hand, the world’s richest man also gave a reminder to the world what the platform’s main priority is at this moment. And that is tackling the main issues linked to child exploitation.

Musk was seen tweeting how the company really takes issues like this very seriously. And we can only imagine why because the app made headlines in 2019 when it was blasted with a mega lawsuit related to the same subject.

The Twitter chief also blasted the previous management teams for not taking up the matter seriously and that’s why it’s so commonly seen being posted on the app. Musk added that the main hashtags that target the CSE issue have been eradicated from the platform and he hopes to take more measures to make sure it stays clear from such behavior.

For those who may not be aware, the Twitter app also has a special button where users can report such issues linked to exploitation directly and have the content removed. Let’s not forget how French President Emmanuel Macron asked Musk if the Twitter bird would be doing anything to protect our kids. And to that, the billionaire replied, absolutely.

Elon Musk has been very public with his plans on how he wishes to bring change to the platform. He added that improving Twitter’s DMs is another priority that the app is working on at the moment. And while taking part in a meeting today, he mentioned how Twitter is taking the matter seriously and is making way to encrypt DMs while encrypting both video and voice calls between all the accounts.

Musk hopes to soon eliminate all chances of a data breach on the app and make messaging as safe as possible for both users and businesses.

There have been plenty of cases in the past where Twitter was blasted for accessing users’ data through DMs but with this new encryption plan in place, things could really change for the best.

Musk also praised the famous chat app Signal for really doing a great job at encryption. And seeing it function as a non-profit is another sign of praise that Musk had acknowledged.

Soon, Musk hopes to add both voice and video chats to DMs too but for now, users’ privacy and security are definitely on the list.

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