More Chaos On Twitter As App’s Copyright System Collapses While Racist Posts Dominate

It’s another day of absolute drama and chaos on Twitter. Despite so many changes and setbacks coming the app’s way, we are yet to see it crumble as a whole. But the initial signs of cracks did begin emerging yesterday.

Last night, the platform’s copyright and takedown systems which function through automated means were seen breaking down.

One of the app’s users was witnessed putting up an entire video that featured chucks of the famous Fast And Furious Tokyo Drift. This was spread over a massive 50-tweet thread.

Right now, it might be offline but the situation got pretty weird with time. For starters, the media wasn’t ever taken down. If that was the case, you would have seen a message being displayed that mentioned, ‘media can’t be displayed’ at the top. That was nowhere to be seen. Instead, it appeared as if someone sat down and suspended the whole account.

If that was not enough, there was more evidence of another bug as viewers who log into the Twitter app through their mobile devices are still seeing the clips of the movie playing at this second. It might be removed successfully for desktop viewers but not for those on their mobile devices.

Experts believe these are clear indications of how Twitter’s copyright system is shattered as it failed to detect and remove this. In fact, seeing the post go viral really was an eye opened.

A platform as big as Twitter not having the right copyright system in place means that workers at the office would now be on the hunt to remove such ordeals manually. And with millions of posts published each day, that’s near to impossible.

Let’s not forget how CEO Elon Musk has more plans of adding a feature that allows Twitter’s Blue subscribers to upload 40-plus minute Disney videos on the app. As you can imagine, it would turn out to be a huge nightmare if such systems were not improved.

For now, we aren’t sure if Twitter is really working hard to improve the issue or not but it should be really worrying as we suspect legal cases to arise soon.

Next up, it was shocking for the world to witness how racist abuses were thrown directly in the face of footballers with no checks and balances. The posts dominated the platform and weren’t removed, serving as a great source of embarrassment for top FIFA world cup players across the board.

There were comments that went as far as making use of the N-word and then a range of controversial emojis being used while calls to have such individuals get deported also started to make sense.

Meanwhile, new research has shed light on how the company is badly failing at removing 99 out of 100 tweets that promote racism as seen before and during the World Cup.

There was just one that was removed and it was done so after getting flagged. But again, the response was too slow, leaving so many questions on people’s minds.

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