Meta Introduces New Privacy Updates On Facebook And Instagram for Teenagers

Today, we saw tech giant Meta announced how it was going to provide a series of updates to its privacy terms and conditions. These changes would be rolled out to both its Facebook and Instagram apps.

These changes would be for those under the age of 18 and would be applicable to those living in various nations. Now, it would be defaulted to entail a series of a privacy settings that would need to be fulfilled when joining the Facebook app.

Facebook would similarly be on the rise of motivating more users to be careful when selecting their privacy settings. This includes determining who would be able to see things like posts and lists for friends as well as posts they’ve been tagged in. Similarly, both people and lists that they follow while commenting on posts that are public would be included.

The update for privacy arises at a time when Instagram began to put young users as a default option to accounts that are private during the time of signing up.

In the same way, we are seeing Meta test out various ways through which it can have teens protected from sending out texts to suspicious adults to which they might not be connected. As far as suspicious accounts are concerned, Meta reserves the name for those that underwent a block recently or had been reported by another fellow user on the app.

Apps like Facebook won’t be showing any suspicious accounts in places like Recommendations for you. Meta also mentioned how it is putting out a test to see what happens if they remove the button allocated for messages on those accounts outlined to be suspicious

Additionally, we are seeing Meta work side by side with the NCMEC to create a global platform that’s designed for teenagers who fear intimate images might get leaked online without them knowing or approving.

Meta also detailed how such initiatives would result in the creation of a platform that other apps or companies can use. They hope to make some more developments in this regard and share updates in the near future.

Side by side, we’re seeing Meta work with firms like Thorn and even NoFiltr to develop educational materials that lower the shame surrounding such explicit images. The whole idea is to have some educational material that aims to have teens empowered to get assistance and hold control in case they may be going through such forms of abuse.

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