Meta Is Now A Leading Terrorist Organization In The Books Of Russia As It Bans The Top Tech Firm

Russia has labeled leading tech organization Meta as an extremist enterprise. The country has also banned Meta which is the parent firm for top apps Facebook and Instagram.

Sources have revealed that authorities from Russia’s Interfax Agency are not happy as they witnessed a general theme of instigating fear about the country into the minds of many users. Therefore, both apps of the company have been banned.

The news comes after Meta decided to allow posts calling for the death of Russian invaders but refused to allow posts where civilians were being targeted. Moreover, Meta did try to appeal against this ban but seeing it get upheld by a Russian court in the month of June was shocking to some.

Interestingly, the ban did not cover the WhatsApp platform despite coming under the ownership of Meta.

There have been a number of accusations put forward by Russian authorities against the US and how it tends to promote a lot of sentiments that go against Russia. But America has declined all of those accusations.

In the month of March, an official from the firm told BBC News that there would be a short exception to the normal protocols in place. This is in light of the current invasion taking place on Ukrainian lands.

Those affected would be expressing a lot of violent sentiments near invading territories where the army was last seen. Therefore, this news of Meta getting labeled as an extremist organization by Russian agencies is alarming for the firm as it indicates how banks could freeze up funds owned by the firm in the country.

The battle lines seen among platforms providing western technology to the country were witnessed a while back. Tensions have been flaring since then. And if you think Facebook would have been missed a lot, well, that’s not the case. Thanks to another clone application called VK, users were more than content with the offering.

However, Instagram has been immensely popular in the country because of the widespread utilization of VPNs. Hence, any bans on Meta’s platforms would now be accessed with great ease as if they never existed in the first place.

But now, today’s news means that the company is calling out Meta’s apps as illegal and even if you use a VPN, you’re going to be committing an offense. The goal here seems to be linked to cutting off a lot of people in Russia from making contact with others situated in other parts of the world.

Meanwhile, other common names observed on the list were the likes of the Taliban and a few parties that oppose the Kremlin.

As it is, things are not looking good for Russia. The nation has seen a lot of isolation and great mindblowing sanctions ever since it invaded Ukraine. Moreover, it tried to put such things to rest by preventing the spread of dissent. In the same way, it tried to pass more laws that restricted the way and types of things getting reported. And as you can imagine, things were punishable through long jail sentences.

Meanwhile, one of the nation’s remaining news organizations has currently suspended all forms of different operations in the country as it’s constantly bombarded with warnings through top surveillance agencies working in the country.

And if that wasn’t shocking enough, a number of leading journalists were also barred from carrying out their activities in the country. So as you can tell, the state of the Russian media is not in good hands and citizens are being forced to live under such conditions where the term freedom of speech does not exist.

H/T: Reuters

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