Meta Launches Its Pricey VR Headset Quest Pro And The Features Are A Step Above The Rest

Meta Connect 2022 saw the launch of the company's much anticipated and raved-about VR product called Quest Pro.

Mark Zuckerberg claims the product is the firm’s latest venture in terms of virtual reality. Hence, it has been a long time coming after years of planning and attempts to reduce the cost of the product entering the market.

But now that it has been launched, people are raving about how the features are top-notch and are clearly pushing all forms of technical boundaries.

While the device is sharing the name Quest, it’s not similar to the other much-hyped headset of the firm. That is still a product that Meta plans on selling as the response has been great so far. The price for that was $399 and this new one is $1499. Yes, the price difference is massive but as you can tell, Meta is really going far in terms of pitching out the product as a very useful one for everyone.

One of the biggest offerings is linked to a complete color passthrough. This makes use of four cameras that are situated on the device’s exterior. It is designed to capture as well as put on display the outer world to those wearing it. But you can even avail of the black-and-white variant that is seen on Quest 2.

The unique feature has allowed for a new type of mixed reality that overlays digital content into the scenes of the real world. And as you can imagine, the effect comes into play after some major changes in hardware.

But wait, that is not all. There is also a new version of lenses called ‘pancake’ that may be smaller in terms of dimensions such as a 40% less display stack than the Quest 2. But it makes use of a wonderful chipset with stellar LED displays. You can avail of great 12GB memory and around 256 GB for storage as well. Lastly, there’s a cool eye-tracking feature up for grabs.

Another feature that Meta appears to be boasting about is linked to controllers that utilize huge tracking rings and around three cameras that enable tracking for controllers of the headset.

But one factor that many are curious about is the battery. The firm says it will last just an hour or two and that is a hard pill to follow, considering the steep price tag. But if you’re still interested, preorders begin as early as today and the shipments will begin on October 25.

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