Meta's Employees Urged Executives To Sell VR Headsets To Students Granted With Debt Relief

Employees at the famous tech firm Meta had suggested to higher authorities to sell their VR headsets to those individuals granted forgiveness of their student loans in the US.

The news was recently put up by The New York Times which quoted that many saw this as a golden chance to avail in terms of huge growth in the Meta Quest. Moreover, this gives rise to the fact that in the past, plenty of growth was observed when it came down to Federal Stimulus.

All such employees felt that promoting such headsets to those people getting the high-profile grant for debt relief would be a great marketing venture for the firm. In the saw way, they even outlined how that could give a sales boost of nearly 20%.

The employees making such statements were kept anonymous for obvious reasons. Moreover, the reason being was so simple. They were not authorized to talk about some internal matters.

As reported by The Times, Meta doesn’t seem to have grown fond of the idea at hand. The spokesperson did in fact refuse to comment on the matter.

One spokesperson did reveal to The Times how the focus at the moment was on the shift into the Metaverse. And being cynical about that sort of technology would be easy but it’s the actual building part that’s so difficult Meta has no choice because they’ve taken the initiative in terms of the world of computing.

President Biden was seen publicly making the announcement recently about how the loan recipients would receive around $10,000 to $20,000 worth of relief for all of their student debts in the month of August.

But they faced severe criticism regarding the matter. The GOP went into detail about such behavior was not welcomed as it may greatly boost spending on the part of consumers and even cause a huge rise in inflation as well.

For those who may not be aware, the famous VR headset by Meta called the Quest 2 is actually super duper popular when it comes to headsets available. The costs begin at $399 as confirmed by the firm’s webpage.

On Tuesday, the company will reportedly take out the time to put out a new VR headset. Just last month, one user posted a video that featured a product that many said appeared to be the new Quest Pro Headset.

Despite so much interest in the subject of headsets in today’s time, Meta has come across plenty of criticism thanks to Mark Zuckerberg’s plans to shift toward a firm that’s solely committed to the metaverse and nothing else.

In case you didn’t notice, the firm’s stock prices fell about 60% ever since they opted to alter the name. Moreover, a lot of emphasis was seen on the firm changing its name to Meta while focusing on more VR projects last year. People were furious and others began to mock the decision taken for obvious reasons.

Zuckerberg was again called a joke for deciding to release his avatar on the Metaverse and many people felt fell short by a huge amount. The CEO did agree and mentioned that while the avatar was not great, the metaverse would surely be better!

Other than that, the firm’s own employees appeared to be disillusioned by his plans. Some workers were calling the projects out as endeavors that would ‘Make Mark Happy’.

Another recently published internal memo from the company shed light on how so many of its own employees were not happy with using the company’s VR app called Horizon Worlds. And the reason being is simple- they were not interested.

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