Apple's Executives Elaborated on How Crash Detection Works

Recently, two senior executives at Apple highlighted the working of the latest technological advancement, crash detection.

The latest crash detection feature is built-in in the latest models of iPhone 14 and apple watches. Its task is to detect emergency vehicle crashes and inform the emergency services in case of no replies from the user. On being tested by various reviewers, the feature has performed brilliantly. As per the official Apple sources and multiple tests carried out, the feature activates itself at a crash. Within no replies in 20 seconds, an automatic alert with the exact location will be sent to the emergency services.

Despite the merits, the following feature has a problem. Whether you are using an iPhone 14 or the latest Apple watch, the feature automatically enables itself if you are on a roller coaster ride. However, the developers are working to fix this issue. The crash detection system's working is not as simple as it looks. The team highlighted that the higher gravitational forces are a massive clue for car detection, and that is also the biggest reason why the feature automatically activates itself in roller coaster rides.

The top executives also highlighted the fact that there is no single dependent unit of this feature. However, it depends on multiple signals such as acceleration, GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, etc. Besides this, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity also play a vital role in this feature. They are used to determine whether you are present in a car or not. Also, a mix of road noises and engine noises is an important asset of this feature.

Furthermore, the feature also includes the automatic use of satellite SOS. This feature is useful for remote areas where there is a lack of signals. Also, Apple is the first organization to embark satellite option in its iPhone 14.

According to the team, in case of no contact, they will automatically dial an emergency number with your device. In case of no contact, the feature is capable of switching the network and contacting emergency assistance. In case of zero coverage, it will try to connect the emergency SOS via the satellite.

To conclude, the following update can also be a question mark for Apple as no other competitors have been using the following features but the tech giant loves to take the risk to conquer the peaks of advancement in the fields of technology.

H/T: TechCrunch

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