Future iPhone Buyers Will Be Forced To Pay Apple More Money For Repairs And Servicing

Just last week, we saw Apple mentioning its latest lineup for the iPhone 14 series. It comprised of the usual classic iPhone 14, its Plus version, and two more Pro models too.

While the new devices have the same standard prices as their old counterparts from last year, future buyers will not be too lucky. They will now be sporting out more funds to pay Apple for carrying out any repairs or servicing activities.

For instance, battery changes are commonly the most talked about changes out there. And anyone with the iPhone having a FaceID would be replacing their battery at a steep price tag comprising $69. And the same will be carried out for the new iPhone 14, the plus variant, the 14 Pro, and then the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

All in all, the prices are 43% more costly and that’s what is giving rise to the $99 cost. Meanwhile, changing your battery for the older iPhone variants will remain the same, thankfully, so users can breathe a sigh of relief.

This will still be kept at $69 and $49 for the iPhone SE version and any older models out there today. Obviously, if something does end up going wrong with the battery being kept inside your device while it's still in use during the first year of its purchase, the Cupertino firm vows to fix that without any additional cost.

We find this whole news related to Apple rising its prices steeply for batteries of its latest devices to be very interesting. And that’s because there is little to no change made in the capacity.
As recently reported by tech news media outlet MacRumors, the current iPhone device has a battery capacity of 3279 mAh and then it increases for the Plus and Pro variants. So it’s all a guessing game as to why the firm did end up raising the prices to such a massive extent in terms of battery replacement costs.

But let’s not forget how the durability of shelf life of batteries inside iPhone devices last a long time so it’s going to be a while before you actually really need to think about a replacement. We’re talking a good few years.

A slight alteration in battery capacity is not the sole change seen across different variants of the iPhone. You can go through a number of guides available online that discuss the changes between different versions in detail.

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