Here's How Leading YouTubers Hook Their Viewers

YouTube is a platform that’s cherished by so many people and it’s safe to say that some videos are definitely more addictive than the rest.

But, did you ever wonder why that may be? What are some of the leading strategies used by content creators that leave you hooked for days? Well, we thought it would be interesting to dive down deep and figure out what experts have to say.

To make it simpler, experts have divided the hack into the basics, those that are necessary, and then the simply impressive ones.

Stop overestimating the stakes of getting your message across

To begin with, you need to nail your basics. And believe it or not, the biggest problem with video creators is how they’re super excited to begin recording. They look the part and hit record but wait, things begin to go downhill immediately from there.

They struggle from the moment they start because they’ve got all sorts of negativity running through their minds. Will my information be misinterpreted? Do my facts have enough credibility? What if some start arguing over my opinions? Wow, that’s a lot of stress and anxiety to kickstart any project, don’t you agree?

Obviously, body language goes a long way when it comes to YouTube and experts believe your viewers can immediately catch up on the negativity and fear- giving rise to deleterious results.

Hand gestures make all the difference in the world

But is there a solution to rid the anxiety? Well, after analyzing some of the most popular YouTubers online, it’s safe to say that your hand gestures go a long way in effective delivery, make you easy on the eyes, and help deliver your message the right way.

Remember, the body has been naturally designed to adapt to stress and danger through these mechanisms so there’s plenty of evidence behind the disguising of anxiety by leaving your palms open too and exposing those vital organs.

Other studies have delineated how hand movements don’t just keep viewers engaged and make expressing your words easier, but they also allow you to control the rhythm of your speech and ensure the speaker can gather their thoughts easily. The end result, well, your viewer actually wants to hear what you have to say.

Make sure your users actually understand your words on a level that you intend

By emphasizing certain words in a sentence, you can actually make viewers want to hear what you’ve got to say. It just instills a newfound excitement that is rarely seen when you’re speaking in a monotonous tone, where everything sounds plain and boring.

Believe it or not, experts use this retention hack all of the time to make sure their viewers hear what they’ve got to say and stay engaged.

Telling the world that you’re not the star of your own channel is the way to go

As bizarre as it may sound, some of the world’s leading YouTubers actually don’t prefer going over the top or portraying the 150% version of themselves. Instead, they keep it simple and continue with the unique factor that made them famous in the first place.

This way, creators ensure they target what it is that makes their audiences love them even more, leaving them hooked as going over the top doesn’t necessarily make videos better.

Instead of making yourself more interesting and portraying yourself as the star, how about focusing on bettering the content, which is why users tune in. The key is to avoid overpowering and be consistent while staying true to yourself.

Always make sure there’s something fun and innovative happening

Sound effects, gimmicks, hand movements, and pulling out props that relate to your content add a whole new level of dynamics to a video. Remember, you’ve got to retain your audience’s attention and it’s not simple.

At the end of the day, what viewers see on camera should be nothing less than a show. It should be a whole experience that allows them to connect on a level that’s so much deeper than solely what words could achieve.

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