Apple All Set To Update Its Latest iOS 16 With ‘Clean Energy Charging’

Today marks a big day for Apple as two major updates came into play for iOS 15.7 and iOS 16. And we know that the latter is what has people talking and excited.

The design not only ushers in a whole new look but also comes packed with an array of unique functionalities. There is certainly quite a bit to explore with the new iOS 16 and that entails several options that we didn’t see come forward at the launch event.

It was only recently that a delay was shared regarding the release of the iCloud Shared Photo Library. And now, we’re hearing more about the Cupertino firm’s release for Clean Energy Charging.

Just the sound of it has plenty of people excited and we’re definitely one of them. But as the company put forward today, this feature will now enable iPhone users to optimize various times for their charging.

The main target of introducing such a feature is to lower the consumption of carbon or decrease the current carbon footprint around the globe. In case you’re wondering how, well, the firm put that into the limelight too.

Charging will now take place when the grid makes use of healthier sources of energy. For now, Apple has failed to outline if this was going to be optional for users. But what it did state was how it was solely going to be up for grabs to users in the US for now.

Alongside this cleaner mode for charging, it also hopes to launch its iCloud Shared Photo Library. This way, you and your loved ones can now exchange images in a modern and convenient manner. And we feel there’s nothing better than sharing memories with those that mean the most.
This launch is going to place emphasis on a new iCloud account that will provide support for nearly six users. This provides this convenient access to the same account. Hence, the users will also be given several options to add, remove, and even rectify pictures and video content.

But that’s not all. The leading iPhone maker has also shed light on how it plans on bringing forward some more cool updates this year. This entails Live Score for Sports fans, ride-share details, and also notices for your food delivery too.

There is much talk about support for another feature called Matter. This will give a number of brands the chance to show support for any one standard. And it’s definitely going to appear like a lot has gone missing in the new iOS release but one thing is for sure. Apple has only shed light on a limited number of features that failed to arise during the launch day.

As it is, the whole event already had so much in store for users. And the company just didn’t feel the need to complex it further.

But other things that users need to keep an eye out for include the improved lock screen and an innovative mode that emphasizes better Focus. There are also others up for grabs linked to emails and texting.

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