Twitter Rolls Out Revamped Spaces With Podcasts For All Of Its Blue Subscribers

In late August, we heard about Twitter carrying out a revamp of its Twitter Spaces. However, at that time, the feature was only made available to a handful of users.

Now, however, the app is opening the feature up to all of its Blue subscribers that have an iOS device. Moreover, this gives them the chance to get the right feeling of podcasts, Spaces, and even the best audio stations out there. This is all thanks to the app carrying out tests in its Blue Labs.

For those that may not be aware, when the feature first came out, many saw it as an audio platform where users could have the best audio chats with each other on a live basis. This entailed a host and a number of co-hosts.

So many people could participate in the space at the same time and take part in this interesting audio venture. And then in August, he heard more about the platform repurposing the area to house different podcast ambitions.

The firm revamped the Spaces completely to feature podcasts. And then there was a whole new interface featuring customized hubs that had various types of content themes such as entertainment, news, music, sports, and so much more.

After a while, we saw the company include both types of content: Live and Recorded features. And then came a time when it managed to incorporate the classic Spaces platform as well.

What really makes this entire ordeal all the more fascinating is the fact that Twitter makes use of data from its users to see which recommendations should go on display. Similarly, we’ll have so many listeners get the chance to give their feedback with likes and dislikes.

All in all, it’s designed to provide the best audio experience out there. Another interesting feature is when a report from August showcased how 45% of the users listening were those turned into podcasts. And that just gave rise to the idea of how the new project could be more related to hosting podcasts that are extremely interesting, once the app gets bolstered to that extent.

If you happen to be a Blue Subscriber on this app and have an iOS, then no need to waste any more time and start enjoying the new audio Spaces feature.

There are podcasts and some specially curated audio up for grabs that can be availed through the venture on Blue Labs. But Spaces isn’t only where it stops. Users are also going to be given the chance to put up videos that are long in duration and better in quality. Similarly, they get the chance to use NFTs as their display too.

On the other hand, users who subscribe to become Blue members will also be given the chance to avail of articles that are free of advertisements, customized app icons, plenty of bookmarks, and the most popular undo button.

For now, the blue subscription offer is valid for those hailing from the US, Australia, and New Zealand. And while the costs used to be just $3.99, it’s risen to $4.99 a month.

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