Apple Analyst Shares Latest Details On What To Expect Regarding The Latest Mixed Reality Headset

Tech giant Apple has been keeping its mixed reality headset a top secret for a while now. The last time we heard of the product's confirmation was from the CEO himself. And with each passing day, fans’ curiosity continued to increase.

But now, Ming-Chi Kuo who happens to be a leading analyst at the company is shedding more light on what users can expect that’s going to be out in the next few months. And to be more exact, Kuo believes the launch date is somewhere around January 2023.

In case you haven’t noticed by now, he’s definitely doubling down in terms of a report generated in June by himself. Now, he feels confident in declaring how the AR and VR markets for such products are placing top bets on Apple’s venture for 2023.

With that came a few statements that proved how the launch isn’t such a smooth sailing affair or shall we say a walk in the park.

Apple is well aware of how many investment themes aren’t getting market approval by the masses because there are huge doubts linked to user experience and low-lying shipments that are expected to be fewer than the figure of 1.5 million units.

This is why the company is relying more on a January 2023 launch for the highly-anticipated headsets. In this way, investors will be less concerned about the innovation-linked user experience, while bypassing the low shipment fears too. As a whole, Apple looks at winning back the confidence of the entire project with wide acceptance across the board.

Kuo also highlighted how strongly he felt about the new mixed reality venture being the firm’s next big revolutionary product for users, after the iPhone of course.

But there are a lot of concerns regarding pricing as so many reports from the past have gone into detail about how expensive it’s going to be. On average, we’re seeing costs lie somewhere in between the $2000 to $2500 bracket. And Kuo backs that up as anything higher would drastically affect shipments for the product.

Kuo added how the launch’s announcement would be seen focusing on several main directives. For starters, its use cases, then of course the ecosystems involving its hardware, software, and how it was developed. And last but not least, specifications about the hardware too.

Apple’s main goal right now is to try and make respective investors understand that this product is the future and it can attain maximal growth within a few years. And if they succeed in doing just that, well, they would certainly be so less concerned about issues of shipments in the upcoming year.

It’s interesting how so much anticipation, hype, and talk surrounds this product, considering the fact that it’s not even launched.

And the icing on the cake has to be related to how the analyst has even spoken to us about how the tech giant has already set its eyes on producing a much more affordable product for the year 2024.

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