WhatsApp Has Once Again Added Some New Features In WhatsApp Beta For Android and

WhatsApp Beta For Android has added some features that are going to be a part of WhatsApp updates soon. As per Wabetainfo, in update, WhatsApp has started working on new privacy settings for WhatsApp communities. We all know the communities as WhatsApp groups are an important part of different areas of work and life. But that needed a little more privacy too. So now WhatsApp is working to hide all the numbers of participants in a community. This thought was long shared by Mark Zuckerberg and now WhatsApp is making it a part of their new update. When this feature is activated, any of the participants will not be able to share any phone number with a third party.

One of the best things about this feature is that it will be available on default and you won't have to enable it separately. If you want your number shared with a specific group, then you can also do it by going to the 'Phone Number Sharing' option. Unfortunately, this feature is still under development so we do not have any idea when it will be a part of WhatsApp. It has only been released to beta testers for now.

The next feature in WhatsApp Beta for Android is for the WhatsApp users who love emojis, or specifically the use of reactions. Now, with the help of this latest feature, the users will be able to react on WhatsApp statuses. Users had been waiting for this update for so long and finally, it's here, ready to be a part of your WhatsApp real soon. The update is on its last touches. Initially, WhatsApp made eight important emojis for part of this update. These emojis are laughing emojis, heart eyes, shocked, sad, high five, clapping, party, and 100 emojis. These emojis sum up all the reactions that the users will potentially give to a different status. This feature is already available for some people and in the coming days, it will be available to all. Some special beta users can also use this feature now.

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