Snapchat shares new insight for advertisers to help them build a stronger connection with their audience

Snapchat has given us some new information regarding their app to incite advertisers into investing in it. Snapchat argues that compared to other apps which mostly rely on endless user-generated content, Snapchat provides a more grounded and personal connection between the advertisers and the users. In the report, they have advertised how Snapchat can hold great value for advertisers.

Neuro-Insight has shared a new report where they declared that Snapchat users feel much happier during and after the use of the app compared to other similar social media platforms. Snapchat has commissioned this report and made this public knowledge saying they don’t rely on user-generated content to keep their app alive, and instead use a close-knit group of friends which adds to the fulfilling experience observed in many of their users. They also continue by saying their app delivers a much more grounded and close connection compared to other apps. So you could see this as Snapchat praising themselves and deeming the app superior to other social media apps or their userbase is indeed happier with the app compared to others.

Snapchat continues to say that the apps displayed on their platform are much more personal and users find them more relevant as well. This creates a positive connection between advertisers and users. Snapchat users were reported with a 32% higher engagement rate than TikTok, and a 62% higher rate compared to Facebook. So the statistics shown by Neuro-Insight do confirm their statements beforehand with facts.

Snapchat is hopeful that more advertisers are looking to begin a relevant and engaging connection with the users on Snapchat. This is especially true as we’re heading towards the second half of the year concerning the holiday season and the end. So any advertisers planning with how they want to approach holidays and advertise their services or products.

There are also some screenshots shared by Snapchat with supposed stats for advertisers. 91% of the Snapchat users feel happy with the app, 4 out of 5 users agreed that users feel much happier when connected with their close friends, and lastly, 50% of the users on Snapchat want a fulfilling connection with brands and companies. Also, Snapchat users are more in touch with brands after the pandemic and their expectation to build a relationship with advertisers can be raised to 70% among them.

This report was commissioned by Snapchat and reported by Neuro-Insight. These statistics say that Snapchat users are much more likely to interact with advertisers compared to other social media platforms.

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