Apple CEO Tim Cook Indirectly Confirms His Company Is Designing Its Own AR/VR Headset

We’ve been hearing all sorts of rumors and speculations about Apple being keen on developing a new headset. But now, we feel that those rumors can finally be put to rest, thanks to the tech giant’s CEO Tim Cook.

Cook was recently seen giving out the closest hint ever about Apple building its own headset. And this latest confirmation has the tech world in a frenzy. After all, we were expecting it but weren’t sure when.

Tim Cook was recently heard mentioning how he couldn’t be more excited about a great many opportunities the company has been given in terms of the AR and VR world. This was closely followed by a teaser for Apple enthusiasts to stay tuned for what’s next and yet to come because he claims there is something exciting on offer.

Yes, his lips may be sealed but that confirmation is all that was required for people to understand what is cooking in the Apple world of trending gadgets.

The closest confirmation was heard while the CEO spoke to the China Daily USA during an interview regarding what he felt were integral components in the world of AR and VR so users could succeed in today’s consumer market.

Cook reiterated how excited he gets when it comes down to AR and he feels one of the most important things relating to it is making sure it centers around humanity. These were mirror comments that the CEO made in the recent past regarding how important he feels AR is for his firm.

This was closely followed by a short explanation of what work the company has conducted in this particular field with great emphasis on AR applications seen across various Apple devices.

But Cook also boldly confirmed that his company was just trying to get the hang of it and we're only in the early phase of how this revolutionary technology can evolve with time.

For those who don’t know the difference between AR and VR, well, let’s quickly break it down for you. See, AR is another term for mixed reality. It’s all about technology that works on computer-produced pictures over real-world visuals. On the other hand, VR is more related to the user diving down deep into a world that’s completely computer-generated.

Without a doubt, this is the first time that Tim Cook has ever acknowledged Apple venturing into the field and while the rumor mill was running high, many wanted a clear confirmation or at least a hint. And who better to get that from than the CEO himself.

While Apple’s apps that are already available can be useful for other purposes, we can so imagine it working hard to design tools and creating a foolproof library so its developers can create apps for a thing as exciting as a headset.

If you recall from a news report by Bloomberg in May, Apple reportedly showed its board AR/VR-related headsets and that’s when we hoped the firm would be making an announcement soon about the launch by the year’s end. Similarly, that same report also went as far as mentioning how the headsets may be sold as early as 2023.

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