YouTube adds a licensed Music program followed by Meta and expands the vanishing community posts testing process to help creators grab more audiences

Google’s streaming app, YouTube, will soon launch commercial Music availability for video content creators to add Music to their content without copyright issues. Along with this, the platform plans to expand the introductory test of disappearing community posts on the app.

A while ago, Meta rolled out a Music profit-sharing initiative that would create an opportunity for most of Facebook’s content creators to add allowed Music into their videos. The purpose was to encourage creators to create content with Music in it and, in response, generate revenue for that as well. However, it can also raise concerns from song composers that their composition is used in tendentious content. Well, it is quite a challenging opportunity due to strict standards and guidelines for creators to use Meta’s Music program.

Likewise, YouTube plans to follow a similar approach. With this in mind, YouTube is experimenting with plenty of ways to build music options for creators and is introducing the license of using partners’ Music in YouTube videos. At this time, it is only available for some creators and will further expand in the future. So, if the music industry agrees to sign a deal on one platform to grow revenue, it will extend the same on every other platform. Creators will have a broader opportunity to explore more music options and legally use them in their videos. Consequently, more audiences will appear to engage in viral music trends. In addition, it will also be helpful for businesses to use Music in their promotion videos and target more audiences.

Coming on to the second part, YouTube says that they heard from many creators to work on the ability to share stuff for a limited time. Besides channels’ YT videos, creators can upload text on the community post option, including quotes, GIFs, photos, polls, etc. YouTube had already announced that they are testing a disappearing community posts feature a month ago. Now, they have decided to expand their test further. A minor detail about community posts is that they are opened for a channel with over five hundred subscribers, and the creators can set a time limit on their posts to disappear after one or three days.

In addition, the audience will see that a particular post will vanish after some time at the top of it, and channel creators will see the same thing under the Archived option in the Community section, which they too can’t re-share. But, YouTube will allow re-sharing later on after incorporating the functionality. As of now, the disappearing option is available for selected creators but we don’t know exactly when it will be accessible to the masses.

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