Facebook Launches ‘Music Revenue Sharing’ So Creators Can Earn With Videos Using Licensed Music

Meta has brought forward a new monetization strategy for its creators as a part of its drive to assist those who wish to earn more on the Facebook app.

The company is launching its music revenue sharing featuring that will now allow creators to make more funds with the help of posting videos that include licensed music.

After a post is made, the platform will enable creators to get a chunk of the ad venue generated whenever the content is streamed online.

Meta says the whole idea is to open up a new earning avenue for creators and those affiliated with the rights to music so they can both earn funds. Remember, previously we’ve seen so many creators make use of licensed music on the app but they were never allowed to make money through their content.

The app says that the rule applies to those videos that are at least a minute long in duration, allowing them to make the most out of in-stream advertisements.

As far as the exact revenue earnings breakup is concerned, creators will be getting a 20% share of all content that’s eligible. Meanwhile, another share would be sent out to those having rights to the music, and then, of course, the rest ends up with Meta.

However, the company has failed to comment on how much they would end up getting for obvious reasons, keeping the exact breakup in disguise.

A lot of concerned users have requested the app to share some insight about Reels and whether or not they’d be getting earnings through them. And that’s when the company confirmed that as of now, there are no earnings attached to Reels with this new feature being launched. But you never know what the future holds.

There are huge chances that it could blow up into a new possibility for the future.

If you happen to be a creator and want to know how you can make the most of the app’s latest launch, Meta says you have to check your eligibility.

Hence, creators should be eligible for two separate things. Firstly, they need to comply with Facebook’s monetization standards. Secondly, they should be eligible with the policy outlined for in-stream advertisements.

In addition to that, the app says that creators must make use of songs that are already present in the company’s library for licensed music. And that has a plethora of songs or music tracks to choose from.

Last but not least, Meta has highlighted how all content must entail a visual aspect too. Therefore, those hoping to only include songs in the video aren’t going to be approved.

In case you wish to start now, the company says you can do so by simply accessing the designated library that can be found within the app’s Creator Studio.

After conducting an upload, users would receive a notification linked to whether or not their song selection is eligible or not. And when approved, they will get another alert about their video content-making earnings and hence how the revenue would be shared.

The feature is rolling out today so do keep an eye out for that if you’re interested!

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