Twitter Gives Its Blue Subscription Users A Heads Up About Its Price Hike For The First Time

It was only last year in June that we saw popular social media company Twitter introduce an innovative monthly subscription service. And now, one year down the line, Twitter Blue is raising its prices for the first time.

In case you’re wondering what benefits the exclusive package offers, well, there is a range of features. These include the likes of undoing a recently sent tweet to unlocking unique theme options across the platform.

The news was first brought to our attention, thanks to Matt Navarra who outlined on Thursday that Twitter officials had sent out a new email to all its Blue account holders. They were informed about the price hike for the monthly plan, which was a heads up before the change actually took place.

When it was initially launched, it was about $3.00 for a monthly plan. Now, it’s going all the way up to $5.00. And to be more precise, that’s a whopping 65% increase.

As it is, the newest version of Twitter’s iOS app is charging users $5.00 every month if they wish to continue with their Blue Subscriptions. So that means, there’s no change for these users as they’re already being forced to do the same currently.

The company revealed that those who took on the Blue Subscription service last year would have until October of this year to avail of prices at $3.00. The rest, or shall we say the new birds, would be paying the increased price soon.

Twitter says such customers would be getting a notification again, one month prior to the change taking effect.

We are still not clear as to why the company has suddenly chosen to increase the prices all of a sudden as no official details were provided in this regard. But they did speak about how it would assist the app in creating some more great and innovative features that have been in the pipeline. This includes tons of new features that users have been pleading for a while now.

The news comes as reports regarding twitter’s current situation make the rounds. And it’s safe to say that the firm isn’t in the best space at the moment.

There are no guesses as to why that’s happening because we’re well aware of the Elon Musk Twitter acquisition drama that has now been pulled into court for a final verdict.

While Musk had originally signed a deal of $44 billion to acquire the company, he has now backed away, making claims that are beyond the firm’s comprehension. And now, they’re going to make him pay for it because they’ve had enough.

But despite these issues, the firm has been doing everything in its power to work around the tense scenario and release new features that it feels could really engage its audiences.

This includes the launch of new updates on its Spaces, where users can not only record but also replay different recordings too. Then there is a new ‘Circles’ update for close contacts, and lastly, it’s launching a Co-Tweets update as well.

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